A Few Words About us

Paxments was founded in 2010 by Stephen Greenspan, with the mission of offering customized financial services solutions with a focus on e-commerce, to select clients from around the world.

Stephen has an exceptionally broad background in both land-based sales as well as e-commerce. This extensive field experience, together with senior management and business-building skills make him an ideal contender for companies who want more than fancy reports stuffed with fluff.

Prior to founding Paxments, Stephen was instrumental in the development of Cal International, a wholly owned subsidiary of Israel’s leading credit card company ICC, where he served as CEO for over 5 years, after a 4 year term as the parent company’s Commercial SVP.

Stephen was also part of the Visa EU Acquiring Advisory Team. In addition, he led the CNP global strategy for Israeli Credit Cards which is focused on online shopping and the development of innovative payment tools for e-commerce.

Before entering the financial services sector, he held leading positions in the fast paced global food & beverage industry (among them Coca Cola), where he was instrumental in identifying consumer trends and developing and marketing sales programs and promotions to retailers. An expert in OBM (Occasion Based Marketing), Stephen was a champion of the need to support retailers in growing traffic - as the basis for product development and Category Management.


A financial institution interested in entering the online processing and prepaid business with the Credit Card associations. We prepared full BP and P&L, got approval from BOD, secured principal Membership with Visa and MasterCard and successful launch - within 11 months!

An online merchant with an approval rate of 24% of Credit Card Transactions and an average Discount Rate of 3.7%. We engineered an increase of the conversion rate on all credit card transaction to 61%, improving their commercial terms to an avg. discount rate of 2.9%. Implemented alternative payments adding an incremental volume of 27%!

An online payments company wanted to obtain a local regulators license as a financial entity and then enter online acquiring. We obtained his Visa and MasterCard License, set up of all technical requirements, introduced 4 merchant portfolios with a $60M monthly volume, etc…